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Tiger swollen tail  by blackzero04
Tiger swollen tail
Looks like the Tigers are paying us a visit. Yay I love tiger swollen tails.
Faces in the Bathroom floor by blackzero04
Faces in the Bathroom floor
this might sound weird , or even creepy to some.
but when even your mother ...starts to notice this ...
its creepy....
look at the photos in this shot. five differint photos put together to show the five differint things i seen.
one looks like a man's face.
two remind me of turtles. 
one i donno if its a pig or a Deer...
the last reminds me of them big ocean Sun Fish.

but to look at them. 
when your on the toilet..
with nothing else to do but sit there.
its a tad bit creepy when you notice stuff like this ... 
but hey aint got much else to do if your 3DS is dead and can't play wordsearch or Super Mario brothers while you poop.

tell me what you think you see. 
no perverted comments please. keep it clean. what i have writen is just what i think i see.
bring out the imaginations people.
Beta Red Watered Chaos by blackzero04
Beta Red Watered Chaos
Beta is only the 2nd chaos to exsiste. 
being differint from Chaos himself . his water is red to chaos's body being blue.
this way the two could be told apart. 

in beta's Story Tails found him inside of a airship labrotory that had crashed years go and had been abadonted. studies on chaos was taken place inside the ship and it showed with the tubes of dead fragments . 
Beta was the only surviving Chaos fragment. after first afrade and already lose .
he avoided tails by tucking himself in a corner. as odd as it seems.
with Sonic's help was able to get him to warm up to the two . hints how beta looks . 
two tails and quil like head like a hedgehog depsite taking the appearince of a wolf. 
this is beta's unice way of travel. 
a wolf like form with two tails and a mane that flares out like sonic's quils . just as clear as chaos is but red obviusly.
this is the form he has chosen to take . he follows tails and sonic around tell he feels comfertable enoph to leave on his own again . 
but he does evenshally track his adopted family down. 
he does stay with them on times days at a time . following . helping them fight the forces of evil .
but normally like chaos . on his own. but unlike Chaos he has the ability to produse speach . tails had figered out Beta has evolved a way to speak to say what he wants to comunicate to the outside world. 
chaos on the other hand did not have this ability.
Godspeed Phoenix  Art Acadomty SketchPad by blackzero04
Godspeed Phoenix Art Acadomty SketchPad
The Ship known to fans with two names.
The GodSpeed - Gatchaman
The Phoenix. - Battle of the planets

App used for drawing - Art Acadomty SketchPad for Wiiu.

i've watched this anime when i was still in alamentry school waiting tell 10:00 just to watch Battle of the planets on cartoon network before going to bed. 
mom and dad let me stay up no later then a full Episode. once it was over time for bed. 
then it was the fun part of geting me to come down from the exsitement lol.

oh they had a ball yet they let me continue to watch it as a reward for doing good in school.
which was a pretty good reward to me.

Mark ( Ken )the eagle.
Jun ( princess ) the Swan.
Keyop ( can't remember his lol ) the sparrow.
Derk ( Joe ) the condor. 
Tiny ( Ryu ) the Owl.
Gatchaman Art acadomy SketchPad by blackzero04
Gatchaman Art acadomy SketchPad
one of my faverite old animes.
who all has seen Battle of the planets/ Gatchaman?
it was a old but good anime to me. loved it. always will.
its just strange how i always seem to think their names are what they really are lol . 
been so long.
Pixelmon ID Banner by blackzero04

Hello hello hello 
everyone how is everything going for everyone ?
well everything is going good as good can be for someone like me . 
dad retiring . fights between mom and dad, being home alone when dad died. hey now we can add the anoying children and cusin in law in the mix ! - claps - 
but hey i'm still kicking so i can't complane to much. i got friends like DannyCam and my Nii-chan Defeaco on tumblr and my little sisters Peachcat and Hybrid princess alyssa, to watch my back and keep my head on strate when when i don't realise its coming undone. lol.

but anyway. not the point i'm posting this . 
its about this character here V ( below )

Zectorius Cursed Demon Slayer by blackzero04Zectorius Human Pheonix Armor by blackzero04Chaos Werehog Zechs by blackzero04

Zectorius The Moonlight Knight by blackzero04

we all have come to know this guy as Zectorius. 
well. out of consideration to a friend. 
to show my respects so his name didn't sound to alike to one of his i am annoucing the change.

Zectorius will just be known as "  Zechs ". 
please note this because i will not be refering to him as Zectorius anymore. even if it is old art of him. 

i wanted to make this known as well as vent abit. 
so sorry for the vent at the begining for the post here.

i hope you all understand and apprshate what has to be done.
its respect between not only people but friends. 


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Artist -Anima . games. animals. flowers-

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Animal lover - I don't do hunting sorry -

Angler - fresh water. but open to salt water-

Photographer -pets. landscapes. weather. people. wildlife and events ( not a licence photographer ) -

Fears - storms . being alone. -

Loves - being around people. animals and just having fun. -

dislikes - Drunks. Drug users. Bullies. Rapest. Child Malasters. most of my family. and cops who don't to their F****** jobs. ( personal experience on a few on what was listed.)

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