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Farmlands by blackzero04
Another one of art academy home studios's lessons on landscapes.
i had fun with this one lol i had play catch up in a few spots. lol.
Cygon the earth elder dragon by blackzero04
Cygon the earth elder dragon
his horns are based on the design of the Inquasition dragon horns. i was actshally watching my friend dustin play it when i drawed Cygon. 
their bright colors gave me ideas for him. this is what i settled on for him to look like.
Char Sergal Form by blackzero04
Char Sergal Form
Char hunter my Pokemon Team Magma former team member in a form my friend Alyssa's rp. we haven't had a chance to have him use it yet.
Stormy seas by blackzero04
Stormy seas
this one despite being a lesson in Art academy home studio i offer as a tribute to thoughs in stormy areas. both on land and near the sea.
for all the hardships of bad storms much worse then what we in west virgina have to deal with alot of the time have to deal with.
this is for you.
Pheonix Pecks by blackzero04
Pheonix Pecks
this is Sunfire's home range. 
he protects it from potchers and people who would do the villages that reside their harm.
Pixelmon ID Banner by blackzero04

Hello fellow artists.
i've had alot of people to tell me to do commitions.
well i don't know how much to charge someone that isn't over charging them.
so i do mine for free.
but this are the rules. and i would wish they would be followed. thank you.

:blackrose: no nude requests keep requests clean. my family sees this drawings to.
:blackrose: your free to change things if you come up with something new that you forgot to add .
:blackrose: i will need a referince to go by . if its an OC of a character you made. a ruff sketch or one of your better drawings will do . 
if its an anime i will need referinces of backgrounds and character referinces . if no background is required then just a referince for the character.
:blackrose: Photo referinces for portrits i will gladly do as well. nice practise personally i do so few as is. Pets and people.
:blackrose: no rushing or being rude about it or the request won't be done at all. 
:blackrose: your welcome to ask to see how things are going . and if you wish to cancel the request. their will be no hard feelings. its your request.

i hope this rules seem reasonable. 
its all that i could think of that would be suitable for my requests. just be sure to be detailed in your request so i know what colors. how you want it and if i have a timeline when to have it done by if its a gift for someone or has a perpase.

Pixelmon ID Banner by blackzero04

hello again. 
i thought i would post some sample requests here for you to see i have done requests before. and some art that i've done for fun. 

Request art Requested so Far as Exsamples

willykururu request  by blackzero04  request from willykururu

Alyssa Request - Topless Ninetailed Axl by blackzero04 Tails Soul Of A Hero RQ by blackzero04request from Alyssahybridprincess

NightSandSonic Request 5 by blackzero04nightsandsonic request grace and zechs by blackzero04Nightsandsonic request 3 by blackzero04nightsandsonic request 2 by blackzero04Bass Rescues NR Sonic by blackzero04 request from nightsandsonic

PeachCat Request Naruto by blackzero04 Peachcat Request Peachs Saver by blackzero04Request from Peachcat

Zephyr Dracoflameus request by blackzero04 Request from Dracoflameus this was drawn then colored in photoshop which i don't use no more. 

Dustins Kairmaraman by blackzero04 Dustin's Devil by blackzero04request from a friend of mine in the real world Dustin Akince

Holy Loving Wings Request by blackzero04 my mom sue naylor requested this one. painted 

Rogue Sonic for SeriesArtistst by blackzero04 Request from SeriesArtistst

Kyo ' frute baskit ' by blackzero04 Art request from my friend in the real world Chasity.

art for fun
Sunfire   Ember's Dance by blackzero04Shadow Meets Mandy by blackzero04Father and Son Shadow and Leon by blackzero04CrystalDaFox FanArt by blackzero04SONC X Sunfire Street by blackzero04Ichigo Colored by blackzero04Cats dont like water by blackzero04Guild Armor MHT by blackzero04
Black Crisint Moon Rising by blackzero04Rathalos India Ink by blackzero04Fire Bird Mode Gatchaman by blackzero04MS Paint Dragon Colored by blackzero04Chasing The Ghost Of Mach 4 -2 by blackzero04
Hunting Trio by blackzero04Barioth by blackzero04Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Monsters by blackzero04ice and Poison by blackzero04Speed Racer Cars by blackzero04Speed Racer- GRX by blackzero04

What Bird orange Tabby cat by blackzero04Watching The Desert Giant by blackzero04DrakoFlamus ID Fanart by blackzero04Caligraphy Dragon uDraw by blackzero04Udraw Fall by blackzero04

Purple Wolf Family Love by blackzero04Surfacing Orca Udraw by blackzero04Mega Lapras Consept by blackzero04Mom's Little Angels by blackzero04Anthro Liger Amanda by blackzero04Benji Sad by blackzero04
Lesson Lapras by blackzero04Lesson Flintching by blackzero04Lesson Pikachu by blackzero04Rathian Alien Queen by blackzero04Gwen Lessons for everyone Free draw by blackzero04Art Acadomy Lessons for everyon WaterMill by blackzero04

Glowing Tiger lilly by blackzero04Depressed Tabby by blackzero04Art Acadomy LFE Melon by blackzero04Art Acadomy Lessons for everyone Koi Carp by blackzero04Silver and Baby Leon at play by blackzero04Gatchaman Art acadomy SketchPad by blackzero04
Iradasint Shark Catfish by blackzero04Art Acadomy Lesssons for everyone Tulip by blackzero04OH Brother not again by blackzero04Max the Jackrussle by blackzero04Shadow Fang Bow Chaos Arrow by blackzero04Taranth Werewolf Gift Art by blackzero04G for Godzilla by blackzero04
Vine Ring Rose Oil Pastals by blackzero04Colorful Fun by blackzero04Shinzo as a Ninja by blackzero04Sundancer by blackzero04Jeg   Megan's Cat by blackzero04Pink Roses by blackzero04
Night Fall by blackzero04what's this fish? by blackzero042nd channel catfish of 2015 by blackzero04pink bleeding hearts by blackzero04Mom and Ren Ten Ten by blackzero04Complate Office joke by blackzero04Flicka gotta Hat by blackzero042014 Rockbass by blackzero04
Goofing around - Mush doggies by blackzero04huntington Double Rainbow by blackzero04Ace by blackzero04Fiddaler Crab by blackzero04bad girl.... by blackzero04now if people could get along like this by blackzero04Reward for the walk by blackzero04

Wild Site To See at Low water Bridge by blackzero04Dinosaur oil pastal Rock by blackzero04Painted Saw Blades by blackzero04Smokey Black And Mom by blackzero04Just Hangin around by blackzero04geting a snack by blackzero04Godspeed Phoenix  Art Acadomty SketchPad by blackzero04


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Amanda Naylor
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United States
Gamer - platform. side scroller. first person. sandbox. rpg. -

Artist -Anima . games. animals. flowers-

Traveler -travel when money let's me -

Animal lover - I don't do hunting sorry -

Angler - fresh water. but open to salt water-

Photographer -pets. landscapes. weather. people. wildlife and events ( not a licence photographer ) -

Fears - storms . being alone. -

Loves - being around people. animals and just having fun. -

dislikes - Drunks. Drug users. Bullies. Rapest. Child Malasters. most of my family. and cops who don't to their F****** jobs. ( personal experience on a few on what was listed.)

Gamer Tags And Friend Codes
Xbox 360 - BlackZero044
wiiu - Blackzero04
3ds - BlackZero ( ????-????-???? )

I'll be updating the bottom one when I get my new3DS so . so send me a note labeled friend code to be added later

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Hey! Would you be interested in doing this?…
Its cool if not as well x3
blackzero04 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
i'm flattered to be asked. truely. 
but i'm afrade i'll have to declain. sorry i can't be for sure i'll be on time with the stuff going on in my life right now.
thanks though . 
rikuwolf Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
its alright x) its open til the end of December if u change ur mind
I hope everything gets better for you :)
blackzero04 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
i'm sure it will. 
just moving in and geting things ready.
i'll see what i can do  if anything.
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Thank you for the watch! :D
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