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Amanda's New cloths by blackzero04
Amanda's New cloths
my OC Sonic of me in human form with animal ears and tail , new cloths lineart. anyone is welcome to color but give credit to me for the work of the lineart..
Pre hunter goofing off 1 by blackzero04
Pre hunter goofing off 1
we started goofing off with the gester options and this is what turned out . lol . 
Shadow Dancing 
Nerco pointing 
and me just standing their cause i'm the one taking the pictures with my cell phone before the Diablos hunt.
Great Hunters Better Friends   Shadow Necro and Un by blackzero04
Great Hunters Better Friends Shadow Necro and Un
great hunters to hunt with . 
all of them have a great sence of humor and love to fool around before and after a hunt. 
their serius during the hunt . and things just flat get fun when you get a room full of people with a good sence of humor playing the same game. 
i hope to play with this people again soon . 
Glitchy Diablos Hunt With Shadow And Friends by blackzero04
Glitchy Diablos Hunt With Shadow And Friends
this hunt was scarey. 
diffintly halloween warthy story. 
this is how it when. 

Me Shadow and a random hunter Necro was helping out this hunter Unicorn. 
started out okay, nice day for monster hunting, we got our gear together , all the items and stuff we needed for the quest. Necro and Unicorn found the Diablos first and me and shadow followed suit . but when me and shadow got their . 
crap hit the fan. the evil LAG hit , the Diablos started to teleport all over the place..
Shadow and I was lagitamitly afrade , we would go to hit the beast and suddonly his not there to hit ... his behind us attacking US ...then his clear across the area attacking Nerco and Unicorn. 
we left that one be and when to look for the other Diablos . 
we beat that one with no complante from the lag of the first one . 
but soon we knew we would have to fight the teleporting nightmare...
but forchintly things when well despite two karts ...we got lucky. 
Shadow said . " we best be glad this wasn't G-Rank or we would have been the ones geting ricked ".
i agreed of corse cause i'm not a fan of the Diablos quests let alone the multi monster quests of him. 
i'm sure alot of you understand my fear of the teleporting monsters due to lag. but it gives for funny and exsiting storys to tell your fellow gamer friends. 
cause old people just don't understand if they don't play the game. lol.
Kirito The Reaper of PKers by blackzero04
Kirito The Reaper of PKers
Player Killers beware Kirito the black swordsmen has gone Reaper for halloween and will come for your souls ! 
Barioth by blackzero04
Hello Fellow hunters on Deviantart. 
I was hunting G-Rank Sand Barioth last night . had him down to where he when to his tail cut.... was fighting to kill him cause the trap failed. and i was on my last kart... ALMOST had him dead......and Karted by one of his tornados ....
talk about epic fail.... 
i was so mad last night. i needed Sand Barioth Furs to update an ice sword made from Barioth parts. ill try again tonight . see if i can get him. i've been trying more on soloing monsters cause i have the 3DS verson as well as the Wiiu version. so i try to do stuff on the 3DS verson to . but mostly updating my lower rank stuff i'm naglected. 
if your up to it . let me hear about your epic fails and epic moments . i like to hear from fellow hunters and hear tips i could have used. 
the set i was using was X bracky with bracky switchaxe.
skills - Bombader , Distoryer, +1 adrinalen, +2 critical eye 
i gemmed in DIstoryer to help with breaking parts. 

if you look on the picture of my monster hunter armor you'll see the status of the weapon and armor i was using . 

Brackydios X and Pyro Demolisher by blackzero04

this is the picture. post up a picture of your hunter and status . if anything if yeah want. look me up on the wiiu . i know i'm not on there very often but i do enjoy a good hunt with fellow hunters i find the game more fun that way. 
to work and learn from more exsperinced hunters even though i'm hr 71 so far.


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Amanda Naylor
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hello everyone.
I'm Monster Hunter ichigo on monster hunter tri.
feel free to look me up.
Ichigo - HR 56 - Tri ( server no longer in use )
Keyona sil - HR 70 - Ultimate ( still in use, Blackzero04 is my name on WiiU if you wanna look me up to play )
Keyona - HR 1 - Freedom Unite

IF you wish to play look me up on Twitter - black_Zero_044

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